Photo Of The Week 4/5/20

There isn’t always a photo of the week but this week there is so let’s take a moment to celebrate a work of staggering genius. This week’s selection was chosen by Adam James the founder of #ShittyCamera challenge and cat dad to HFH Gigi.

I wanna nominate these shots specifically the second one. I love the framing on all of these shots & the action sampler is a difficult shitty camera to make good use of.

Adam “Beyond De-Caffinated” James

Great work Tony and thank you Adam for taking the time to select our photo of the week. Tag your awesome film photography with #BelieveInFilm for chance to be featured.

Support These Small Film Photography Businesses

In this time of the pandemic, here are some companies that could benefit from your patronage. This list is super short, but I believe we can grow it and make it bigger. Let’s either buy their products or buy gift certificates to ensure these awesome small film photography businesses have the revenue to stay open.

Support these cool film businesses!

Film Photography Stores

  • AnalogueWonderland: They are only shipping
  • to the UK right now but they have cool stuff. Treat yourself to a roll.
  • Brownie Camera Guy: Dutch purveyor of info about Brownie cameras and supplies.
  • Cinestill: They have cool motion picture film stocks and neato developers.
  • FilmBros: UK purveyor of film. They have gift certificates and an elegant feline named Sully.
  • JapanCameraHunter: Bellamy has a lot of good stuff in his online store from super rare lenses to his own awesome film.
  • Prepay for film developing even if you don’t have plans to send in film right away.
  • Retro Camera: Dutch online store with a lot of elegant film photography supplies.
  • They are donating 10% of proceeds to California food banks so now is the time to get an awesome pin, mug, or t-shirts. They also have gift certificates.
  • The Photo Shop: Irish photography store recommended by Emily.
  • Ultrafine Online: They give me sweet stuff to give away. Stock up on their film.

If you have a small film photography business drop it in the comments so we can check it out!

I Want To Hear From You!

How are you doing? I want to know what you are up to and if you have cool film photography projects to share. Drop me a line in the form below and we can go from there.

Ilford Photo Launches Online Retailer Directory

In the face of store closure due to COVID-19, the triumphant team at Ilford Photo has launched a web page showcasing online stores offering their products.

Is your favorite online Ilford retailer not on the list? Drop it in the comments and we will tweet it out.

The Film Photography Club

I have been chatting with Paul from Analogue Wonderland about robust film photography topics and requested more information about his new livestream with Graeme from Sunny16 podcast. Here we go.

“The Film Photography Club is Paul and Graeme’s attempt to inject some happy escapism into the film community once a week. For an hour every Thursday they will host Q&As with folk from around the industry, they will call on community members to contribute hints and tips, they will engage directly in the conversation as it happens in the comments, they will run Giveaways of film and other goodies, and they will probably not have major technical issues each week. Set your alarm for 7:55pm UK time every Thursday, grab your favourite drink, and settle in for an hour of film-related fun, entertainment, and occasional incidental education!

For those of us in colonies, 8:00pm works out to 3:00pm EST.

To join in pop over to Analogue Wonderland’s youtube page.

Kodak To Help Make Hand Sanitizer

Kodak will supply isopropyl alcohol to a New York state initiative started by Governor Cuomo that will produce 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per week. Hand sanitizer is an important tool in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Let us hope that this makes a difference.

Kodak is committed to helping fight the spread of COVID-19.

Press Release

Kodak Supplies Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to New York State to Aid in Production of “NYS Clean” Hand Sanitizer

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 —

In an effort to provide assistance during the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, Kodak has entered into an agreement with New York State to supply isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to aid in the production of “NYS Clean” hand sanitizer for use in New York.

To support the state’s production of hand sanitizer–available to residents for free and distributed to impacted communities as well as state agencies like schools and the MTA–Kodak has begun delivering tanker loads of IPA from its Eastman Business Park facility in Rochester, NY.

 “Kodak is committed to helping fight the spread of COVID-19,” said Jim Continenza, Executive Chairman, Kodak. “I could not be prouder of our dedicated team members who quickly mobilized to provide this essential ingredient for hand sanitizer. We will continue to work closely with New York and federal representatives to identify other ways to bring Kodak’s resources and technology to bear in the fight against this pandemic.”

Listen To This: Negative Positives Podcast

Check out the latest episode of the podcast Negative Positives featuring Angela aka @DerPinsel. Angela is super nice always retweets me on twitter. She is also trying to lure me into anglophone Canada which just might happen. Anyway, here is 30 minutes you can spend not thinking about your impending Covid-19 doom.

This week we welcome our guest Angela Solis (, twitter derpinsel, IG thisisgela_s, YouTube camerajin)!  Topics include the importance of family photos, her move to Canada from the Philippines, joining a photo club, lomography, her first photo exhibit, shooting during the pandemic, a teaser for the upcoming Negative Positives 80’s Cheesy Filter Challenge, Angela’s camera collection and being married to another photography camera nerd, favorite cameras, the Konica aa35, printing services, travel photography, square format vs. rectangular format, photo gifts, film fridges, Angela’s favorite and most photogenic places she’s traveled to for photography, the twitter film photography community, favorite films, the Nikon museum in Japan, Havana, and cross processing slide film!

#BelieveInFilm Photo Of The Day

There won’t always be a photo of the day but today there is, so let’s celebrate it.

I went with DizzyCow’s assemblage of color because my backyard is brown and I needed something to brighten my day.

To be considered for the photo of the day tag your awesome film or instant photography with #BelieveInFilm wherever fine hashtags are used.

Ep. 190: Christmas in February — SUNNY 16 PODCAST

This was a great episode because the Sunbeams were joined by Adam from Shitty Camera Challenge. Adam is awesome and I would say that even if I wasn’t obsessed with his cat Gigi.

On this weeks show it’s Cheap Shots Judging week, with the fabulous Judge Adam James De Simone, creator of the Shitty Camera Challenge on Twitter, a great fun community event that shares much of the same spirit as the Cheap shots challenge. Follow along with the pictures here: Pictures on yellow background are those picked […]Ep. 190: Christmas in February — SUNNY 16 PODCAST