Listen To This: Negative Positives Podcast

Check out the latest episode of the podcast Negative Positives featuring Angela aka @DerPinsel. Angela is super nice always retweets me on twitter. She is also trying to lure me into anglophone Canada which just might happen. Anyway, here is 30 minutes you can spend not thinking about your impending Covid-19 doom.

This week we welcome our guest Angela Solis (, twitter derpinsel, IG thisisgela_s, YouTube camerajin)! ¬†Topics include the importance of family photos, her move to Canada from the Philippines, joining a photo club, lomography, her first photo exhibit, shooting during the pandemic, a teaser for the upcoming Negative Positives 80’s Cheesy Filter Challenge, Angela’s camera collection and being married to another photography camera nerd, favorite cameras, the Konica aa35, printing services, travel photography, square format vs. rectangular format, photo gifts, film fridges, Angela’s favorite and most photogenic places she’s traveled to for photography, the twitter film photography community, favorite films, the Nikon museum in Japan, Havana, and cross processing slide film!