Film Giveaway: 7 Rolls of Motipix 35mm Film From Ultrafine Online

To celebrate the launch of their ECN-2 developing kits, Ultrafine Online teamed up with us to do an awesome film giveaway. Woohoo! We have an assortment of 7 rolls of their Motipix motion picture film in 36exp rolls for 35mm film cameras to give to one lucky person. Motipix film is an ECN-2 motion picture film that has not had the remjet removed. Therefore, it pairs perfectly with their new ECN-2 development kits.

The Motipix Kodak current Emulsions are 5203, 5207, 5213, and 5219 All of the other emulsion are Classic Vintage.and obviously may have experienced color shifts and have some density loss, which adds to the experimental nature of these emulsions. All of the Motipix Films are cold stored.

Yes, that photo shows bulk rolls, but sadly those are not included in the giveaway.

If you love motion picture film and want to buy the full line of Motipix films can be found at Ultrafine Online.

Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.

Ultrafine Launches Motipix ECN-2 Processing Kits

Ultrafine Online, the awesome people behind an equally awesome online film photography store, has launched two kits to make it easy to develop motion picture film at home. Their kits are available in Economy and Complete versions. The Economy kit comes with remjet removal, developer, and bleach but does not include stop bath, fixer, and final bath. On the other hand, the complete kit includes all the chemicals needed to develop a roll of ECN-2 motion picture film.

Tried and Tested Thursday: Retro Feeling in La Spezia – Canon EOS 500n with Rollei Retro 400s (Yellow Filter) — Photographic Jannine

Luxuriate in the retro glory of Rollei Retro 400s.

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a Rollei Retro 400s on my Canon EOS 500n with a Yellow Filter. To end the month, it’s another travel throwback post from April 2018. Last week, it was Cinque Terre, this week it’s La Spezia in Northern Italy. I had been travelling […]Tried and Tested Thursday: Retro Feeling in La Spezia – Canon EOS 500n with Rollei Retro 400s (Yellow Filter) — Photographic Jannine

Developer Review Blog No. 16 – Ilford Ilfotec HC — Alex Luyckx | Blog

Have you ever wondered what makes Ilford Ilfotec HC special? Noted film photographer and host of #photochat Alex Luyckx has a look over on his blog.

You’re probably thinking if I reviewed Kodak HC-110, why am I reviewing Ilford Ilfotec HC? Aren’t they the same thing? Well, the answer is yes and no. While Ilfotec HC is the Ilford version of Kodak HC-110, there are some subtle differences between the two. Here in Canada, the Ilford liquid chemistry is a pricey…

Developer Review Blog No. 16 – Ilford Ilfotec HC — Alex Luyckx | Blog

{Square in an Instant} — Shoot With Personality

Lemme tell you: I LOVE square photos. I miss Polaroid (okay, so they’re still a thing, but for more money and less awesome results.) I was so excited a few years ago when Instax came out with a square format. 634 more words

{Square in an Instant} — Shoot With Personality

Check out instax expert Amanda Raney’s excellent guide to the Instax Square format. You may remember her from her equally excellent guide to Shooting Expired Instax Film.

Redeye Redscale Launches Film

Redscale film by Redeye Redscale.

Redeye Redscale announced today the availability of their 35mm premade redscale film for experimental photography. Each roll has 36 exposures, is hand-rolled, and rated at ISO 200 with a suggested ISO of 50.

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#photochat – 1 October 2020 – Toy Cameras — Alex Luyckx | Blog

PhotoChat is the highlight of my week. Check it out!

Established in 2013 by MainStreetHost and taken on by Alex Luyckx Photography in 2015, #photochat is a community of photography professionals and enthusiasts who congregate to talk shop and discuss anything and everything photography. To participate in our weekly chat (every Thursday at 1:00pm) search the #photochat hashtag to see the conversation, or find me…

#photochat – 1 October 2020 – Toy Cameras — Alex Luyckx | Blog

Kent Hall Is Creating Mixed Media Masterpieces

The #BelieveInFilm interview is a series of informal discussions with artists creating inspiring work rooted in film photography. In this edition, we chat with mixed media artist Kent Hall who is doing really cool things with Instax mini film and the bottom of his trash can.  

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Film Friday: Fuji Acros in 35mm and 120 (Expired)

Take a moment to luxuriate in Photographic Jannine’s exploration of expired Fuji Acros.

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Fuji Acros in both 35mm and 120, which expired in October of last year. In 2018, Fuji announced that they were discontinuing Acros, alongside other films such as the Superia 200 and Natura 1600. However a year later, Fuji would release another version of Acros, known as Acros II. […]Film Friday: Fuji Acros in 35mm and 120 (Expired) — Photographic Jannine