Photo Of The Week 6/19/20

Once again we dig deep into the glory of the brown. The Elder Gods love poured concrete and this tweet by Matt Evans provides an abundance of waterfront and concrete. The Elder Gods will rejoice in this.

Our photo of the week is drawn from the glory of #BelieveInFilm & #ShittyCameraChallenge photos posted on twitter. Tag your elegant film photography with #BelieveInFilm with a chance to be featured.

Photo Of The Week 6/7/2020

This week we asked Matt P to brave the #BelieveInFilm waters and select just one example of extreme triumph to be our photo of the week.

I like how the three boards really stand out but are also completely dwarfed by the hill in the background.

Thanks Matt! You can find Matt on twitter, instagram, and his own website. He’s also working a really cool zine that you will hear much more about soon.

Photo Of The Week 5/31/20

This week we asked acclaimed photographer Marisa to wade into the warm waters of elegance and pluck a tweet from the #BelieveInFilm sea of success.

It’s a telling reflection of our current times. Subject matter always catches my eye before anything else when viewing an image and this image (for me) is both harrowing and humorous at the same time.

Thanks Marisa!