Film Giveaway: 7 Rolls of Motipix 35mm Film From Ultrafine Online

To celebrate the launch of their ECN-2 developing kits, Ultrafine Online teamed up with us to do an awesome film giveaway. Woohoo! We have an assortment of 7 rolls of their Motipix motion picture film in 36exp rolls for 35mm film cameras to give to one lucky person. Motipix film is an ECN-2 motion picture film that has not had the remjet removed. Therefore, it pairs perfectly with their new ECN-2 development kits.

The Motipix Kodak current Emulsions are 5203, 5207, 5213, and 5219 All of the other emulsion are Classic Vintage.and obviously may have experienced color shifts and have some density loss, which adds to the experimental nature of these emulsions. All of the Motipix Films are cold stored.

Yes, that photo shows bulk rolls, but sadly those are not included in the giveaway.

If you love motion picture film and want to buy the full line of Motipix films can be found at Ultrafine Online.

Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.

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