Ep. 174: Ilford Communications — SUNNY 16 PODCAST

A bumper show this week, kicking off with the wonderful Michelle Parr and Matt Parry from Ilford Photo filling us in on all the fresh announcements of new products hitting today! And as if that wasn’t enough (because you know we love to spoil you good people), you then get to listen to the fabulous […]Ep. 174: Ilford Communications — SUNNY 16 PODCAST

I’m embarrassed to admit that I only recently started listening to the Sunny 16 film photography podcast. Luckily for me, I regularly made a 3 hour drive and having 1.5 hours of elegant British people talking about film photography makes the drive go quickly. I liked this episode because we got to hear from awesome Michelle who runs the Ilford twitter account.

I’m bummed she didn’t go to NYC. Michelle if you are reading and you visit the colonies I will give you a great tour of the city.

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