Ep. 190: Christmas in February — SUNNY 16 PODCAST

This was a great episode because the Sunbeams were joined by Adam from Shitty Camera Challenge. Adam is awesome and I would say that even if I wasn’t obsessed with his cat Gigi.

On this weeks show it’s Cheap Shots Judging week, with the fabulous Judge Adam James De Simone, creator of the Shitty Camera Challenge on Twitter, a great fun community event that shares much of the same spirit as the Cheap shots challenge. Follow along with the pictures here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lWiCwWHkSkX90tV1Zstl_y-8zDdY0oMJLTrBhuwQtRo/edit?usp=sharing Pictures on yellow background are those picked […]Ep. 190: Christmas in February — SUNNY 16 PODCAST

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