The Film Photography Club

I have been chatting with Paul from Analogue Wonderland about robust film photography topics and requested more information about his new livestream with Graeme from Sunny16 podcast. Here we go.

“The Film Photography Club is Paul and Graeme’s attempt to inject some happy escapism into the film community once a week. For an hour every Thursday they will host Q&As with folk from around the industry, they will call on community members to contribute hints and tips, they will engage directly in the conversation as it happens in the comments, they will run Giveaways of film and other goodies, and they will probably not have major technical issues each week. Set your alarm for 7:55pm UK time every Thursday, grab your favourite drink, and settle in for an hour of film-related fun, entertainment, and occasional incidental education!

For those of us in colonies, 8:00pm works out to 3:00pm EST.

To join in pop over to Analogue Wonderland’s youtube page.

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