Support These Small Film Photography Businesses

In this time of the pandemic, here are some companies that could benefit from your patronage. This list is super short, but I believe we can grow it and make it bigger. Let’s either buy their products or buy gift certificates to ensure these awesome small film photography businesses have the revenue to stay open.

Support these cool film businesses!

Film Photography Stores

  • AnalogueWonderland: They are only shipping
  • to the UK right now but they have cool stuff. Treat yourself to a roll.
  • Brownie Camera Guy: Dutch purveyor of info about Brownie cameras and supplies.
  • Cinestill: They have cool motion picture film stocks and neato developers.
  • FilmBros: UK purveyor of film. They have gift certificates and an elegant feline named Sully.
  • JapanCameraHunter: Bellamy has a lot of good stuff in his online store from super rare lenses to his own awesome film.
  • Prepay for film developing even if you don’t have plans to send in film right away.
  • Retro Camera: Dutch online store with a lot of elegant film photography supplies.
  • They are donating 10% of proceeds to California food banks so now is the time to get an awesome pin, mug, or t-shirts. They also have gift certificates.
  • The Photo Shop: Irish photography store recommended by Emily.
  • Ultrafine Online: They give me sweet stuff to give away. Stock up on their film.

If you have a small film photography business drop it in the comments so we can check it out!

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