#BelieveInFilm Photo Of The Week 4/26/20

Once again it is time to celebrate a tweet of unparalleled genius. This week David Allen of that movie about the tank and 15negatives.com is our guest judge.

I love when location serves the image, rather than *being* the image. And that’s what we have here. The perspective, the use of pinhole, and the amazing contrast make for an image not of an (admittedly pretty cool) place, but for an image that pushes the viewers eye around. It’s like an awesome eyeball rollercoaster. Your gaze is pushed up by the lines in the left third, hit the sprockets, and then — by tonal association aided by gravity — drop to those awesome shadows which take you back to the starting point. I think that were this a lensed image, we might be inclined to dwell too long on the architectural features and the image would suffer. Gear serves the image on this eyeball ride, not the other way around. Boom. I’ll have another ride, please.

David is a film photographer residing in Southwest France with his family. He has been called a “surrealist” photographer, which is probably pretty accurate. When hes’ not making art, he works part time in web development and graphic design. You can find more of his work at davidsallen.com.

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