Photo Of The Week 6/14/20

Do you hear a voice in the back of your head calling your name? Who is it you ask? It is the Elder Gods calling you to The Blood Dome to honor HFH Gigi and The Shitty Camera Challenge. Today, we dig deep in the brown and pull up a fecalrific #ShittyCameraChallenge tweet as our Photo Of The Week.

Have you ever eaten too many beets, watched too many episodes of Portlandia, and / or consumed an entire can of cherry pie filling? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you understand the beauty of this photo by Curtis Joe Walker. The Lomo Instant Wide is pushing it a little bit in terms of fecalness but I owned one and left it in my car trunk for 3 years so it definitely does qualify as shitty.

#BelieveInFilm is an internationally acclaimed collective of people who maintain high fiber diets and who work together to create a future for film photography. #ShittyCameraChallenge is a cult run by cats and is sponsored by the number 2.

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