Photo Of The Week 6/7/2020

This week we asked Matt P to brave the #BelieveInFilm waters and select just one example of extreme triumph to be our photo of the week.

I like how the three boards really stand out but are also completely dwarfed by the hill in the background.

Thanks Matt! You can find Matt on twitter, instagram, and his own website. He’s also working a really cool zine that you will hear much more about soon.

Photo Of The Week 5/31/20

This week we asked acclaimed photographer Marisa to wade into the warm waters of elegance and pluck a tweet from the #BelieveInFilm sea of success.

It’s a telling reflection of our current times. Subject matter always catches my eye before anything else when viewing an image and this image (for me) is both harrowing and humorous at the same time.

Thanks Marisa!

The Leica M6 TTL and Hillvale Holiday 200 Film — Natalie Smart Film Photography

Who has tried Hilvale Holiday 200 film?

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife in December last year, I decided to also take the Hillvale Holiday colour film with me. This film is all the way from Australia and it was sitting in my film stash since I received it in my Emulsive secret santa gift for Christmas 2018. I used this film during […]The Leica M6 TTL and Hillvale Holiday 200 Film — Natalie Smart Film Photography

Brian Henry – #BelieveInFilm Interview

I discovered the photography of Brian Henry while visiting urban exploration forums and his instant film skills inspired me to buy my own instant camera. It was a packfilm camera I called Eddie and helped me launch #BelieveInFilm. I am so happy he was willing to answer a few of my questions.

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Photo Of The Week 5/17/20

This week we invited Mark aka 3eyedMonster to raft down a river of photographic triumph and choose our photo of the week. Mark won our giveaway with Ultrafine so triumph is one of his competencies.

Being a primarily pinhole photographer, even I assumed I would choose a lensless exposure for this week’s image. I nearly did till I started seeing these wonderful panoramic exposures by Karin Lizana. After following her, it appears these are just from her very first roll with this Horizon Perfekt.
If pinhole is my primary interest, than panorama is my second. This artist certainly has an eye for indoor panorama with the complex lighting and reflections, my eyes are busy taking in the light on all the surfaces.

Great job Mark!

Developing In Mint & Vitamin C

A quick interview with acclaimed pinhole photographer Marisa Writing from twitter about her recent experiments developing Kodak Kodabrome paper in a mixture of mint, vitamin c, and baking soda.

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Photo Of The Week 5/10/20

We invited noted eleganteur and Leica M5 mom Kimmiechem2 to luxuriate in a buffet of excellence and pick our Photo Of The Week.

This week’s Photo of the Week is a collection of landscape photographs by Henrik Emtkjær Hansen. Stunning in its starkness and soothing geometry, the lines from one landscape lead us to the next and the absence of people in the images gives the collection a latent storytelling quality. His work can be found on IG & Twitter – @henrikemtkj.

Photo Of The Week 5/3/20

This week we invited the awesome Angela Solis aka DerPinsel to take a deep dive into a pool of awesome to select the #BelieveInFilm photo of the week.

My eyes initially gravitated towards fantastic landscape and cityscape images as I love travelling, but for me this is this week’s winner. Exposure is just right and I love the warm tones of the film. The lovely young ladies are the star of these images though. I find the photos to be very thoughtful and heartwarming, something that we all need at this point in time. 🙂

Thank you Angel for making our selection this week!